Having a flair for stunning style and intuitive understanding of livability is one thing (a great thing). Comprehensive knowledge of the structural and architectural aspect of design is a whooooole other (even better) thing.


Amy has assembled a small-but-mighty-talented crew of degreed interior designers, seasoned project managers and other industry pros who share her vision for beauty, appreciation for creative and practical space planning and passion for perfection, down to the minutest of details. We’re a tight-knit crew, sharing creative solves, lots of ideas and even more laughs. We’re fortunate enough to have that rare combination of loving what we do and, more importantly, the people we get to do it with.

With a name like Storm, you might expect some drama.
You’d expect wrong.

Yes, things will come up – let’s be real. The interior design process is like that, punctuated with dilemmas and far from perfect. But here’s the beauty of partnering with us – the bumps won’t feel so bumpy. Because when we have “a situation” as they say, it’s handled with confident capableness, courtesy of Amy’s background, innate sense of calm, a skilled staff and years of Plan B-ing and C-ing alongside the Plan A-ing. Whether it’s a kitchen design near Glen Ellyn, or a vacation home tucked away on a lake somewhere, our design choices are grounded in what you’ve shared with us. They reflect your personal style and make perfect sense for how you live. So the outcome is well-executed, intentional and exceptionally beautiful.



Amy Storm

Owner, Lead Designer

I made my own prom dress… so…. // Cuba has my heart (and Italy… and Turks & Caicos…and…) // SNL Junkie

Josh Storm

Owner, Creative Director

If the copier is “broken”… I put paper in it // If I kiss my boss… no need for HR // When I talk, people have noooo idea what i’m saying.

Ashley Balda

Senior Designer
Fatima De La Torre | Amy Storm & Company

Fatima De La Torre


When i'm not quiet, I use LOTS of words // I don't believe in vertical challenges // People, it's pronounced like "optima"

Kelsey Demetralis

Senior Designer

Weddings are my jam // Wait. There’s queso? // I’ve lost my eggs and baskets

Sarah Hillier

Style Designer & Product Manager

I organize like a boss // Chaos got nothin’ on me // I always wear a smile… and bowling shoes occasionally

Tara Kastel


Event planner to designer. Preeetty much the same. // I maaay use Air Pods when I’m home with kids. Wrong? // Morning workouts are my person

Jill King

Procurement Manager

I talk to squirrels. Well... they talk to me // Don't let it linger. Get'er done // Be positive... or i'll pop you one! Just kidding

Mary Kostolansky

Finance Manager

Butter Churn Master // I’ll workout… if i feel like it // Everything’s better with bacon

Isabella Oliveira


i eat eggs every day. it's what i do // I'm one fire my hubby can't put out

Emily Siwik


I set like 4 alarms in the morning // Whoever invented yogurt parfaits, thank you. // I may be quiet… but I'm fierce! 🙂

Julie Thompson

Office Manager

I'm nice... with a mean backhand. // I don’t own many hats, I just wear a bunch! // Reading people is my secret sauce.

Tilly the Cavapoo | Amy STorm & Company

Tilly Bear

Design Diva