There’s no shortage of talent in the interior design industry – particularly here in Chicago. But when it comes to a challenging remodel (as most are), new construction or a full decorating do-over, you need a team that can deliver.


Truth be told, there are a million decisions to be made during any project. Whether it’s space planning on new construction, switching diagrams for lighting layouts, a complete set of documents for a remodel, details for bath tile, the fill on your cushions or the right frame for the art on your wall – we’re equipped to deftly handle all those details, from start to finish. Full disclosure: we don’t do it alone. We tap into our network of specialists as needed – contractors, seamstresses, woodworkers and other talented, trusted artisans and experts we’ve built relationships with over the years.


  • Interior Design for New Construction & Remodels
  • Space Planning
  • Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment Selections and Specifications
  • Purchasing & Expediting
  • Curated Décor
  • Lighting & Fixture Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bath Design
  • Architectural Plan Review


Not that wide-eyed, polite but pretend-listening.

But really, truly hearing you.

We show up fully engaged, nodding and note-taking – and we stay that way through the entire process. So when we bring you designs, they make sense, because we’ve already taken into consideration your hopes, expectations, personal style, space constraints and budget.

Design is intensely personal, and those conversations are critical to our process. We actually think about how the shower tile feels under your feet and how the sunlight streams through your windows throughout the day. So stay with us as we ask a ton of questions about how you hang out and host guests and hurry everyone out the door in the morning. Each selection is carefully considered in the context of how you live and what we’re trying to achieve – from the broad strokes to the minute details – and your input is invaluable.

Your design story is yours-all-yours, so we’ll be talking, and texting, and emailing… Alllllot.

Know that as you’re talking, we’re listening and processing, absorbing everything – like where the kids read vs where they rough-house. Whether your entertaining style is more sit-down dinner or a graze-and-mingle affair. And how the realities of your budget align with your wish list. Those are all inputs we translate into space planning, design details, finish selections and more – because we want what we’re creating together to feel not just sort-of yours… but all yours. Only yours.

So what do you say?
Ready to spend some quality time together?