Shelter for the Storms, Building a Midwest Modernish™ Masterpiece

Shelter for the Storms series launch! Annnnd action. (PS: We’ll be doing our own hair and makeup. Feel free to judge silently.)

Roll tape, we’re doing this thing, camera crew and all. We’re calling it Shelter for the Storms, Building a Midwest Modernish™ Masterpiece, and we’re bringing you right along with us for this incredible ride. It’s a 12-month, 8-episode visual journey documenting our entire Amy Storm & Company Process™ (not technically TM’d but should be), where you’ll see how we go about dreaming, designing and creating a custom luxury home. And the clients? Us! Amy and Josh. After 20+ years and 583 client projects, we decided it’s time. Excited is an understatement.

We. Can’t. Wait.

Tara presents to the team at Amy Storm & Company  Amy Storm working with designer  

In true Amy Storm & Company style, solo venture this is not. It’s a full-on all-play, with every member of the team in deep, and an impressive slate of partners for everything from windows to wood floors. Luxe Interiors + Design has joined us as presenting partner, with a film crew capturing the entire adventure, from initial convos and rough sketches to the dramatic final reveal.

Amy Storm and Company team in back of houseAmy Storm and Company team descending a stairwell  Amy Storm and Company team in framed bedroom

But this final reveal will be different. Because we’re the “unveilers” as well as the “unveil-ees,” we’re anticipating that last episode will be less surprised gasp, and more a beyond-happy abundance of hugs and teary-eyed thank you’s that could very well go on and on (annnnd on). We’ll cut some of that in the edit to keep the team/partner love-fest to a reasonable amount of appreciation, that say, normal people would show. Just know that we tend toward the higher end on the scale of 1 to Very Demonstrative. We’re already feeling completely overwhelmed with gratitude, and we’ve barely broken ground.

Shelter for the Storms Front Elevation Shelter for the Storms presented by Luxe - Underway

Join us! We’ll be posting 8 episodes over the coming months, plus a few behind-the-scenes bits you won’t want to miss. Some funny. Some awk-waaaaaard. But hey, that’s the biz. You’ll get an authentic inside look at our unique approach to custom luxury home design, made even more personal because this time, it’s our home.

Amy Storm and Company team bloopers

We’ll share more about our much-lauded signature style, Midwest Modernish™, a decidedly unfolksy and uniquely inspired aesthetic. It’s family-forward and grounded – but infused with a fearless sense of adventure. We wouldn’t say it’s showy, but it’s got some swag. It makes a style statement that’s most definitely not more of the same-same you’re seeing elsewhere. Everywhere.

Amy Storm and Company | Midwest Modernish

You’ll see how our process is planful but far from formulaic. There are always some plot twists. (We love a good plot twist.) So, we leave room for surprises and calls we make on the fly. And the way we roll with those surprises – well, our clients and partners say that’s what has earned us not just their confidence, but their trust.

Speaking of partners, here’s the spectacular lineup of industry rock stars joining us, from architectural drawings to the all-important final flourishes.

Shelter for the Storms, Building a Midwest Modernish™ Masterpiece

Design, procurement, project management (and other detail minutia we won’t bore you with here)
by the full Amy Storm & Company team

In collaboration with
Patrick Murphy Builders and Studio 1 Architects

Presented by Luxe Interiors + Design, in partnership with
Ann Sacks, Baker|McGuire, Benjamin Moore, Brizo, Calia Stone, Condair, DaVinci Roofscapes,
Emtek, Infiniti Fire, Marvin, Purezawood, Soake Pools, and Terrazzo & Marble

Ferguson, Sub-Zero, Wolf, and more

Documented by
Last Decade Films and Stoffer Photography Interiors


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