This client spoke to us in feels. Thankfully, we’re fluent.

Some people talk in riddles (Hobbit fans? Anyone??). This client talks in far-less-puzzling descriptors.

So the new construction drill usually goes like such: Find lot. Line up architect and builder. Select interior designer. And finally (slow-crescendo drumroll please) – get started. But occasionally we run into freestylers, people who march to the beat of their own proverbial drummer. And in this case, the drummer kinda reminded us of Animal from the Muppets. (If you’re hazy on that one, Google it.) Ah, we jest. We appreciate the fact that they took that process bull by the horns and did things their own way. Especially because it meant choosing us first (clutch move) before pulling the trigger on the architect and builder. We like how they operate.

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