When the homeowner’s day job is New Arcade Game Dreamer-Upper, you know the basement design is gonna be goooood.

Remember that crazy arcade basement we were talking about a few months back? Yeah? Well, we’re stilllllll talking about it.

Yep, we’re back on the topic of THAT basement (see our previous blog post). Not because we’re obsessed. Ok, maybe a little. But now we have pics so you can fully appreciate that back bar in all its Pac-Man glory. Though it pains us to say this, basements sometimes get the shaft. Homeowners may have blitzed through their budgets doing up the kitchen (no judgement here). Or they’ve got a case of construction fatigue and just want to be D-O-N-E with decision making. So they’re content to default to the still nice, but fairly standard man-cave or kids’ play space. Not so here. This basement got its due and then some.


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